How to improve the survival rate of shiitake inoculation?

Planting shiitake mushrooms is usually inoculated with fungus sticks. When inoculating, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Inoculation site. Choose a room that is sheltered from wind, clean, dry, well sealed, and free from miscellaneous bacteria contamination sources within 50 meters for open inoculation site. The inoculation room and inoculation box must be cleaned and disinfected one day before the sticks are moved in.

2. Inoculation season. Generally, open inoculation is chosen in winter and spring, because the high temperature in summer and autumn is easy to cause contamination of mushroom sticks and open inoculation cannot be carried out, and the open inoculation technique can be used in winter when the temperature is low. When inoculating shiitake mushrooms, we should choose clear and dry weather, which can effectively improve the survival rate of inoculation.

3. Strain selection. You should choose medium and high temperature type varieties with vigorous mycelium production, such as 0912, Shiitake 18, Wuxiang 1, etc.

4. Bacteria stick treatment. Adopt atmospheric pressure sterilization, keep it at 100 degrees Celsius for 14 hours, then move the sticks without mechanical breakage to inoculation room and cover with film to prevent dust and miscellaneous bacteria spores from landing. The sticks are stacked in the middle of the inoculation room and the height of the stack should not be more than 1.2 meters. Allow the sticks to cool down to below 25℃ and disinfect with aerosol disinfectant for 2 hours before inoculation.

5. Inoculation procedure. Disinfect the seeds, inoculation tools, etc. with 75% alcohol and then prepare them for use, and rub the inoculation site with antifungal or polymyxin preparation. Punch holes at the inoculation site, 3~4 holes for each section of sticks, 4~5cm deep, no penetration. Break the production seeds into blocks and stuff them into the holes, the inoculation blocks and sticks should be combined tightly, but not squeezed to prevent the miscellaneous bacteria from invading through the gaps. When the temperature rises to 25 degrees, uncover the film for ventilation and turn the pile in time to prevent high temperature from burning the bacteria.

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