Management suggestions for mushroom emergence of morel mushrooms

1, first of all, temperature control, due to the spring day and night temperature difference, is conducive to promoting the growth of the seed entities, not only that, the early spring temperature is suitable, precipitation, but also for the sheep's maw mushroom seed entities sprouting growth provides good conditions. Sheep's mushroom seed entities in 10 ℃ ~ 18 ℃ can grow, the most suitable growth temperature is 12 ℃ ~ 15 ℃, the temperature is lower than 10 ℃ or higher than 18 ℃ when the growth of Sheep's mushroom seed entities slowed down. In the flat shed growth of morel mushroom seed entities due to good air circulation, faster emergence.

2, in terms of light, light has a certain role in promoting the formation of seed entities, especially the developmental stage of seed entities, light plays an important role. During the growth and development of the fruiting entity, moderate scattered light is essential for the production of high-quality morel mushrooms, the fruiting entity has light orientation is often bent toward the direction of light growth. The intensity of scattered light also has a certain influence on the color of the fruiting entity, the color is darker if the light is stronger, and lighter if the light is weaker, and it is most suitable to control the light at three parts of sun and seven parts of shade during the mushroom emergence period.

3. The mushroom stage requires the relative moisture content of the soil to be controlled at 50%-70% so that the morel mushroom can grow smoothly. In management, pay attention to control two limits of humidity, one is the relative humidity of air is not less than 70%, if the air humidity is too low, because the middle of morel mushroom cotyledon is empty, and light weight, thin skin, easy to occur dry crack, causing the cotyledon to stop growing, for this reason, to maintain a moist environment. Second, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%, the relative humidity of the air will be too large will cause the seed entity lack of oxygen, when spraying water, we should pay attention to a small number of times.

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