How to Determine If Mushroom Sticks Mycelium Is Fully Mature?

1、Watch the color change
Generally, mushroom sticks with good maturity and normal color change will be brown in color and have moderate thickness, luster and elasticity.
2、Look at the weight
In a culture medium with appropriate water content, generally physiologically normal hyphae will decompose nutrients, accumulate nutrients, consume energy during the culture process, and the weight of the fungus bag will generally be reduced by about 20% due to metabolism. If the moisture content of the mushroom stick is too high, the mushroom bag is too heavy, and there is insufficient oxygen, the physiological activities of the hyphae will be severely hindered. This kind of mushroom bag will lose less water and it will be difficult to produce mushrooms due to immature hyphae.
3、Check to see if there are any "Message Mushrooms"
Generally speaking, when the conditions of temperature, light, humidity and air are more suitable for physiologically mature mushroom rods, "message mushrooms" will appear even if there is no artificial stimulation of mushrooms. This shows that the mycelium of the mushroom rods is fully mature and the external conditions are relatively suitable, indicating that the mushrooms can be stimulated normally.
4、The pH value inside the bacteria bag is uniform
The pH value of each part of a fully mature bacterial rod is basically the same.


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