How to Trigger Rapid, Quality Oyster Mushroom Fruiting and Boost Yield?

1、Pay attention to water spraying and top dressing. The climate is dry in winter and the evaporation of the bed surface is large. Water must be sprayed appropriately to maintain soil moisture to promote the growth of mushroom mycelium and increase yield. However, it is necessary to prevent the soil surface from being too wet to avoid freezing damage to the newly sprouted mycelium due to low temperature.
2、Pay attention to ventilation and heat preservation. In order to meet the living conditions of mycelium, the mushroom house must be well insulated in winter, pay attention to ventilation, and keep the indoor air fresh. Open the south window for 2 to 3 hours at noon every day. When the weather is warm and windless, the north and south windows can be opened at the same time. When the temperature is extremely low, suspend ventilation for 1 to 2 days to keep the room temperature above 6 to 7°C. In late December, holes should be widely poked on the back of the culture material to enhance ventilation inside the material to dissipate harmful gases.
3、Pay attention to loosening the soil and removing old roots. Carry out mid-term. When loosening the soil, first scrape the fine soil to the side and loosen the coarse soil or directly loosen the coarse and fine soil. However, be careful not to peel off a large amount of white mycelium, and pay special attention to the surrounding mycelium around the coarse soil. Otherwise, more mycelium will peel off, which will reduce the yield of spring mushrooms. After removing old roots and dead mushrooms, spread the coarse and fine soil again. Ten days after loosening the soil, when the mycelium germinates, cover it with a new layer of fine soil, 1 to 1.5 cm thick. Loosing the soil and removing old roots should be done differently according to the growth conditions of the mushroom house and mycelium in the soil layer. The mushroom houses with strong mycelial growth and strong strength in the soil layer can scrape away fine soil and loosen coarse soil for large movements. For mushroom houses with average mycelium growth in the soil layer, there is no need to scrape away the fine soil, just loosen the coarse and fine soil together. For mushroom houses with poor mycelial growth in the soil layer, it is best not to loosen the soil in winter. Just loosen the coarse and fine soil once before the mushrooms emerge from March to April.


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