Operation standard for removing bag and replenishing water(1)-Satrise mushroom

1). Immediately arrange bagging after putting on the shelf. One mushroom shed is a working unit. The bagging time should be completed quickly and in a concentrated manner without delay.
2). When removing the bag, do not cut the water-retaining film. Pay attention to the integrity of the water-retaining film.Do not scratch the skin of fungus sticks without water retaining film.When removing the bag, the blade draws a half circle or triangle hole at the bottom of the mushroom bag of the fungus stick, holds the fungus stick in one hand, and pulls up the bag membrane at the hole to tear off the bag in the other hand, that is, a bag removing work is completed .
3). After removing the bag, the inoculation holes of the fungus sticks should be faced up, or they should be concentrated on the middle three or four shelves, or they should be scattered on each mushroom shelf.
mushroom shelf
4). The torn outer bags were bundled and cleared out of the shed for centralized stacking.Clean the old bacteria and dispose of them uniformly.
5). Lentinus edodes fungus sticks should have uniform and consistent water content inside the fungus sticks, the most suitable and scientific water content is 58-60%, and the natural temperature is a little lower when it is high.Usually, the weight of the rod after the first injection is close to that of the original bag.The weight of the second injection is the original weight minus the weight of the first mushroom, and so on.
6). The purpose of hydration: 1. Replenish the water consumed during the fungus development process, and replenish the water content suitable for fruiting mushrooms. 2. To form temperature difference and shock stimulation of fungus sticks.

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