Operation standard for removing bag and replenishing water(2)-Satrise mushroom

7) Note: 1.The temperature of the fungus sticks was stable at 23.5±1℃ three days before water injection.(23.5±1℃ is the most ideal state.If in the low temperature season, due to the weather or the greenhouse warming, the insulation effect is not good, then try to increase the temperature of the fungus sticks to a higher level.If it is a hot season, adjust the bar temperature as low as possible.).
 2.The water pressure is low and stable, and the water is even. The fungus sticks should not crack due to the excessive water pressure, resulting in uneven water content inside the fungus sticks, hyphae fracture, and easy to produce tubules and dense mushrooms . 3.The best effect is at 15℃.Directly and quickly stimulate the fungus sticks to form a temperature difference above 8℃. 15-20℃ is the central point of the fruiting temperature, so as to avoid the influence of the low temperature of the fungus sticks on the fruiting effect. 4.The best way to keep the ground slightly dry and moisture is to reduce the running water to the greenhouses as far as possible during the water replenishment work, so as to provide the guarantee for the flexible control of space humidity for the later high-quality cultivation. 5.A mushroom shed replenishment to 1-2 days to complete in a short time.
8) Hydrating way: 1. Water filling machine, two people operation, easy to use, fast and labor-saving. Disadvantages: the water pressure is too big, the fungus rod is easy to crack, the air pump work needs stable voltage; The water content is basically the same, and it is not different depending on the water content of the fungus sticks.Because water pressure is too big after three stubble refill more difficult. 2.Artificial water injection needle replenishment, one person can operate 5- 10 injection needles, can accurately supplement the water amount of each fungus stick, disadvantages: the first time to replenish water intensity is large, the ground water is more, there is the same as the water injection machine, the water from the center of fungus stick to the outward diffusion, surface hypha water absorption is slow and difficult. 3.Pool soaking method to replenish water, water from the outside to the inside, even water, shortcomings of larger labor.
9) The consistency, uniform thin consistency and yield of fruiting mushrooms are closely related to the moisture content and uniformity of water content of fungus sticks.Replenishment of moisture on fungus sticks is the beginning of fruiting management and also an important link. It is required to reduce the difference of moisture content between fungus sticks as much as possible during operation, so as to meet the moisture content of fungus sticks during fruiting period. The replenishment should be completed in a short time without missing.

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