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Cultivation of high quality mushroom:
(一) Fresh market quality mushroom definition: dense quality, thick meat, round shape, light color, short stalk, not open umbrella. 
(二)Management: 1.Reduce the humidity in the greenhouse and increase the illumination. If the relative humidity of the air in the greenhouse is higher than 75%, it is not easy to form the mushroom cover with gray color or high quality mushroom. Even if it has been formed, the commodity value will be greatly reduced due to the humidity.When the relative humidity of greenhouses is more than 70%, it is necessary to ventilate and dehumidify.Winter early spring, to give adequate direct light.Overshade in summer is not easy to form high-quality mushrooms, and the mushroom cover color is darker, the stalk is longer.Sunshine irradiation can effectively improve the weight of mushrooms, and the products with 2 marks can't be directly exposed. 2.Breeze blowing, avoid rain and fog, cover the shed film to prevent rain and greater humidity into the shed during the growth of the mushroom must not be watered to the mushroom, in heavy fog to lift the shed film late. 3.Keep the greenhouse floor dry or slightly wet. The greenhouse floor is wet and the space humidity is higher than 70%, and the mushroom lid cannot form cracks, nor make the mushroom lid lighter in color.Humidity is required for bud stimulation and intermittent incubation, and the ground should be kept dry for mushroom cultivation
mushroom cultivation
(三)Yukon mushroom growth, nurtures the mushroom growth of the process is repeated over and over again a operation method, properly, and to control the mushroom growth quality using temperature humidity of mushroom fruit body growth and the effect of regulating the greenhouse temperature held high, at the same time synchronization humidity, one large and one small mushroom fruit body growth a fast, slow, until long into our picking standard.In this process, we can observe and feel the growth status of the mushroom. We can see the color of the mushroom, the elasticity of its texture and its own lack of water.For example, the mushroom legs cracked and peeled, too much ventilation space humidity is too low, the mushroom cover around the scale hair every morning fluffy stand up layer number, a layer of mushroom moisture absorption low, two or three appropriate, four or five storey.If the top of the cover is full of scales and the quality of the mushroom is soft, there is no doubt that the black mushroom water mushroom, the mushroom shed must be poorly ventilated, the space and ground humidity is too high, and even spray water on the mushroom.

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