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Mushroom Intermittent incubation conditions
(1)After each harvest, the remaining mushroom roots and dead dried mushrooms on the fungus sticks should be cleaned in time. The fungi sticks of different weights should be separated and marked, so as to know the amount of water replenishment next time. 
(2)After cleaning the fungus sticks to timely cleaning, centralized disposal of garbage. 
(3)Self-cultivation time more than 10 days, poor self-cultivation can not water. 
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(4)In the place where the fungus sticks have picked the mushrooms, the fungus sticks produce white mycelia, and then gradually secrete yellow water beads until they turn to color. At this time, the mycelia have accumulated certain nutrients, preparing for the physiological basis of the mushroom next time.Once that's reached, it's ready to fill. 
(5)Shading, light as in the early fungus, dark light or 100 lux light.Strong light is not good for the recovery of mycelia, long time strong light will accelerate the aging of mycelia.
(6)Raise the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse properly, the temperature is 18℃-24℃, and the humidity is 70%-80%. 
(7)Proper ventilation to keep the environment fresh air circulation, prevent late infection.Co2 below 3000ppm.

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