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Notes for lentinus edodes fungus sticks during fruiting:
lentinus edodes fungus sticks for a long time, more than four months when the temperature is high and more than five months when the natural temperature is low.In the whole process of fruiting to do seven prevention. 
(1)Anti-sealing bag: when the temperature in the mushroom shed is above 28℃ continuously, avoid high temperature and high water content of the fungus sticks (above 65% water content), and the central mycelium of the fungus sticks will die due to hypoxia. 
(2)Shading prevent insolation, too strong sunlight can bask in dead mycelia.At the same time, the epidermis of the fungus sticks will lose water until dry and dead, especially the naked sticks.Keeping the normal moisture content of the fungus sticks consistent with the minimum humidity of the greenhouse space (no less than 55%) can reduce the death mildew of the fungus sticks epidermis. 
(3)The ventilation should be flexible, the length of time and the ventilation amount must be combined with the weather and the temperature and humidity required at that time in the mushroom shed, so as to keep the mushroom shed ventilated smoothly and prevent high temperature, hypoxia and low temperature damage. 
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(4)Fungus stick water management to pay attention to prevent hypha from losing water and dying.Hyphae need 55% water for normal life, less than 50% inhibited, less than 45% began to wither, less than 35% tended to die, 30% began to die. 
(5)Harvest should be timely, prevent mushroom open umbrella.Mushroom farmers often say: pick the mushroom does not point, pick early do not pick late, early pick mushroom good sell, pick late sell mushroom difficult. 
(6)Remove the remaining mushroom roots and dead mushrooms in time to prevent the contamination of fungus sticks. 
(7)The fungus stick replenishes the water to want the right amount, prevents the mycelium water to drown.The water content required for normal life of mycelia was 55%, the normal water of mushroom production was 58-60%, higher than 65% began to inhibit, higher than 70% tended to die, and 75% began to die.

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