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Bag Cultivation of Pleurotus Eryngii
3.1 Production of Cultivation Bag Material
3.11 Cultivation raw materials and formula
(1) Material
The material can be divide into the main and the accessory, The main ingredient refers to the main raw material in production, and the it accounts for more than 75%, and this mainly comes from the out come of agriculture and forestry production, such as sawdust, cotton seed hull, corncob, corn stalk, straw, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, cane trash, etc. Accessories: bran, corn flour, rice bran, calcium superphosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, gypsum, calcium carbonate, etc.
(2) Substrates configuration principle and formula
a. Mixing principle
When mixing the compost, you need to consider not only the basis of nutrients, but also the physical properties of substrates, such as thickness, improve its permeability, increase water retention properties of substrates, etc. The production practice has proved that the yield of the Substrates composed of a variety of ingredients is higher than that of a single main ingredients. In addition, the yield of a variety of accessories mixed together as the nitrogen source is higher than that of the single accessory material, it can also reduce the production cost.
b. Formula
Formula 1: Cotton seed hull 5%, bagasse 15%, corn cob 20%, sawdust 25%, wheat bran 23%, corn flour, 5% soybean meal powder 5%, lime 1%, light calcium carbonate 1%. PH8.5 before sterilization, water content of 65%.
Formula 2: sawdust 20% 25%, corncobs 15% -20%, bagasse 10%-15%, bran 18%-22%, soybean meal 8% - 10%, corn flour 8% - 15%, lime powder 1.2%, and 1.5% calcium carbonate. PH9 before sterilization, moisture 65%.Cultivation bags specifications: 170 * 350 * 0.05 mm, 170 * 360 * 0.05 mm, 180 * 360 * 0.05 mm. Use the trumpet-shaped thimble of 38 mm in diameter, height of 32mm, with non-woven plastic stopper to seal.
3.12. Mixing of the cultivation material and packing
(1) Pretreatment of raw and auxiliary materials
Dried corn cob tissue is tight, a little difficult in pre-wetting, it can be built like alaying bricks or stones wedge sink, it is used to soak corn cob. Dipped the corn cob for three hours, and then shovel it out, according to the proportion mixed the sawdust, bagasse together, 8 days fermentation, turns heaps for every two days, Ensure that all main ingredient have a full fermentation, softening under the action of
microbes, All granularity of the main ingredients can fully hygroscopic.
mushroom growing
(2) Mixing
single inventory with about 70% of the mixer volume is advisable, heavy load when inventory is too large, it is easy to cause mechanical fatigue. Mixing time more than 15 minutes. At the same time, adjust the water to the water content of 64%-66%, PH9-10. Mixer volume configuration in each enterprise is different, you should be based on actual needs, ensuring uninterrupted feeding, to minimize the water content, uniformity of each mixing, to avoid error.
(3) Packing
When packing, you should always pay attention to adjust the discharge switch of the packaging machine, so that the weight of each package within the standard scope.
Usually the weight of the material package is about 1.2kg, the average yield is 480g.
3.13. High pressure sterilization, cooling, inoculation
(1) High pressure sterilization procedures
Heating (75 minutes) - 100 degrees incubation (75 minutes) - pressing (60 minutes) - sterilization (maintaining the temperature of 120 degrees for 90 minutes) - stew pot (30 minutes) - exhaust (60 minutes)
(2) Cooling
After sterilization, push the car into the cooling chamber for cooling.
(3) Inoculation
Vaccination can be done when bag material inner heart temperature is cooled to 24 degrees or less than that, clean room purification level requires more than 10 000 levels, vaccination operation area should reach one thousand levels.

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