Yellow Morel

There are three major clades of morels worldwide: yellow morels, black morels and reddish morels. The species of the black morel lineage are distributed in the temperate and cold temperate zones of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The species of the yellow morel clade are distributed in cold temperate, temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The species of this branch are mostly distributed in low mountains, hills and plains at an altitude of 0-1500 meters. The three species of morel clade are mainly distributed in the tropical and subtropical narrow areas of the Gulf of Mexico, New Guinea, Guatemala and the Mediterranean coast.
By comparison, the ecological adaptability of the yellow Morchella species is obvious, and it is our priority for breeding better varieties. Yellow morel species are naturally immune to the white mold disease to which black morels are susceptible. Even if the black morel fruiting bodies infected with white mold all over the body were smeared on the growing yellow morel fruiting bodies, it was safe and sound.
A number of drug manufacturers reported that most of the morel materials purchased by pharmaceutical manufacturers for pharmaceutical use are wild yellow morels, and relatively few have black spires; Some buyers in pharmaceutical factories only want yellow morels, but black ones are not allowed. Most drug dealers believe that the medicinal value of yellow morels is higher, and they are called "medicine mushrooms", followed by black morels. Its international price is also much higher than that of black morel.
To sum up, the species of yellow morel has strong ecological adaptability and excellent commodity properties, which is the best choice for future industrial upgrading of morel.


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