Common Methods For Increasing Production Of Edible Fungi

It is difficult to increase the production of edible fungi, so see if the measures are useless? Today, six methods are introduced for practitioners' reference.
1. Temperature difference stimulation method
During the day, the cover film is heated up, and the film is removed in the evening to cool down.
2. The drug stimulation method
When composting, adding phosphate, sulfate, vitamin B, etc. can significantly increase production. In the later stage of mycelial growth, spray Kao No. 3 on the surface of the culture material to promote mycelial growth.
3. Scratch the bacteria
Sweep the material surface with a bamboo broom to remove the elongated mycelia and old mycelium, and expose new mycelium, spray water and a new high-fat film, cover the film to keep moisture and keep warm, and buds and mushrooms can appear in 7 days. Increase production by about 10%.
4. Antibacterial method
Squeeze and beat the surface of the material with a strong elastic board to promote the growth of mycelia and the rapid differentiation of fruiting bodies.
5. Contact method
Cover the surface of the culture material with old newspapers, sacks, etc., and promote the growth of mycelium through pressure stimulation.
6. Hole filling sand method
Use conical wooden sticks to make holes in the shape of a plum blossom according to the specifications of the plant and the row spacing of 30 cm. The hole is as deep as the bottom of the material. After two days, fill in yellow sand (soak and disinfect with 100 times the tree-protecting general), and the height of the material is 1 At the same time, 0.3% to 0.5% lime water is injected, and the mushrooms can be produced 3 to 4 days in advance, and the mushrooms are uniform and the mushroom body is hypertrophic.


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