Management technology of pilose antler mushroom

1. Mycelium recovery, budding and budding stages (factory production)
(1) Temperature: Set the temperature at 16-18°C for 1-4 days (no more than 18°C in the room). The temperature will drop by 0.5-1 ℃ in 5-12 days.
(2) Humidity: The humidity in the room should be saturated within 1-4 days. Humidity 95-100% for 5-12 days.
(3) Ventilation: Carbon dioxide below 2000ppm for 1-6 days. 7-12 days around 1000ppm.
(4) Lighting: 3-4 days of light for about 6 hours a day, light intensity 500-800lux. 5-8 days strong light 10000lux. For 9-12 days, light is used for 2 hours every 2 hours, and the light intensity is 300-500lux.
2. Control stage (factoryization)
(1) Temperature: The temperature in the room should preferably be less than 17°C in 13-14 days. The temperature in the room was controlled at 17-18°C for 15 days.
(2) Humidity: The humidity is about 98% in 13-14 days. Humidity reaches saturation in 15 days.
(3) Ventilation: At this stage, carbon dioxide is controlled below 2000ppm.
(4) Light: 5 minutes of light every 2 hours on day 13-14. Light intensity 30-150lux. 15 days without light.
3. Fruiting stage (factory production)
(1) Temperature: 16-21 days, the temperature in the room is 17°C.
(2) Humidity: 95-98% humidity in 16-21 days.
(3) Ventilation: Control the carbon dioxide at around 2500 in 16-21 days.
(4) Light: 16-21 days, use light for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours. The light intensity is about 200lux.


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