Discussion on the Prevention and Control Methods of Edible Fungi Pests and Diseases

To strengthen the prevention and control of edible fungus diseases and insect pests, we must pay more attention to it from many aspects, and we must fully pay attention to the targeted application of methods. Following the principle of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control", it is crucial to be able to accurately identify the precursors of diseases and insect pests. Here are some prevention and control measures for common diseases and insect pests of edible fungi.
1. Strengthen the prevention and control of black mold
To prevent and control edible fungus black mold, it is necessary to take good care of the environmental sanitation. Cleaning and isolating pollutants and residues after picking mushrooms, etc., and maintaining a hygienic environment in the cultivation room, the cultivation room and its surroundings are the most effective ways to avoid infection. The compost is thoroughly disinfected, and the cotton plug of the strain bottle avoids the problem of damp water accumulation. It can also be prevented and controlled by drugs, mainly using thiophanate-methyl admixture accounting for 0.1% of the dry material weight, which can effectively prevent and control black mold.
2. Strengthen the control of Trichoderma
The prevention and control of Trichoderma is mainly to maintain a low-temperature environment in the cultivation room and the cultivation room, control the air humidity at about 85%, and do a good job in cleaning and ventilation. Ventilation and dehumidification should be carried out immediately when Trichoderma disease occurs. At the initial stage of bacterial tube infection, 2% aldehyde solution or 3% to 5% carbolic acid injection can be used to effectively inhibit the spread of Trichoderma. For some infected and mature bacteria tubes, dig out and sprinkle lime powder or Bordeaux mixture on the treatment position, which can play a role in sterilization and prevention.
3. Strengthen the hygiene management of edible fungi
For the prevention and treatment of edible fungus pests and diseases, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of sanitation management to block the source of insects and bacteria. In the implementation of specific management methods, for the cultivation room and inoculation room, special personnel should be assigned to clean, disinfect and inspect the work, and if there is any problem of contaminated bacteria, it should be dealt with immediately. Pre-clean and eliminate the bacteria room and cultivation room, and remove diseased mushrooms and insect mushrooms in time. Strengthen the improvement of cultivation management level, select licensed and insect-resistant and disease-resistant strains, plant them in a timely manner, and implement scientific management in combination with the characteristics of edible fungi.
4. Strengthen the application of biological control methods
In the implementation of edible fungus pest control methods, chemical control and management control are more effective, and the application of biological control methods is also more important. The biological control of edible fungus diseases and insect pests is the most ideal, it does not pollute the environment, and there is no toxic residue. Useful agricultural antibiotics to prevent and control bacterial viruses, improve the quality of edible fungus products, and use parasitic nematodes to prevent and control fleas and eye fungus mosquitoes. From the perspective of future development, the application of biological control technology is the most ideal.


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